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Perennial flowers grow and flower for several years, so therefore they are thought of as “permanent” flowers in the garden. Although, some perennial flowers are more short-lived than others and may survive only three or four years. Perennial flowers bloom in spring or summer. In fall, their flowers, leaves and stems die down to the ground but their root system survives throughout the winter. Come spring, the plant begins to grow again with new leaves from its crown or roots. Some perennial flowers only bloom for a few weeks, therefore some careful planning is needed if you want to ensure color in your perennial garden throughout the season. You can also fill in your perennial garden with flowering annuals. This way you’ll be sure to have a burst of color continuously all summer long and into the fall.

Perennial flowers that require full sun (at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day.)

Echinacea (Coneflower)
Agapanthus (Lily-of-the-Nile)
Monarda (Bee Balm)
Dianthus (Pinks)
Shasta Daisy
Butterfly Weed
Obedient Plant
Coreopsis (Butter Daisy)
Basket-of-Gold (Goldentuft)
Russian Sage
Aconitum (Monkshood )
Bachelor Button
Black Eyed Susan
Allium or Ornamental Onions
Golden Rod
Garden Mum
Siberian Iris (prefers sun to part sun)

Perennial flowers are also available that grow well in shade and part shade. Plantain Lilies, or Hosta as they are more commonly known, are one of the most popular shade perennials. Hostas come in many different varieties and their foliage is just as beautiful and interesting as their flowers. In fact, Hostas are more well known for their texture and colorful leaves than for their flowering habit. Leaves come in various shades of green with variegations and are smooth or wavy. Size and shape vary tremendously among Hostas. Lily-like small flowers grow on tall stems from late spring through late summer. Hostas mix well with ferns and other shade loving perennials.

Common perennial flowers that grow well in shade to part- shade:

False Spirea
Bergenia (Pig Squeak)
Cat Mint (Little Titch)
Coral Bells
Balloon Flower
Hosta (will grow in full shade)
Astillbe (will grow in full shade)
Bleeding Heart
(will grow in full shade)
Daylily(will grow in everything from full sun to partial shade)


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