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Perennial bulbs include spring-flowering favorites like crocus, daffodils, hyacinth and tulips. There are several bulb species used for gardens including true bulbs, tubers, tuberous roots, rhizomes, corms and enlarged hypocotyls. Perennial bulbs can be planted on their own in flower beds for a stunning effect, or they can be mixed in with other perennials to help extend the blooming season of your garden. Also, by mixing perennial bulbs in among other plants will help hide the yellowing foliage of bulbs after they are finished blooming. (Remember - not all your perennial plants and bulbs will bloom at the same time.)

Common Perennial Bulbs:

Crocus - Botanically in the Iris family, crocus grow from corms and are a hardy perennial found in the wild in woodland, scrub and meadows. There are about 80 varieties of crocus that come in lilac, white, mauve and yellow.

Amaryllis is one genus of plant of the Belladonna Lily or Naked Ladies. Amaryllis is often confused with the Hippeastrum, which is a flowering bulb commonly sold in winter months to bloom indoors. There are several Narcissus species of Amaryllis that bloom in autumn. Daffodils are also a spring flowering species of the Amaryllis family.

Tulips - Although strongly associated with Holland, tulips did not originate there but from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and other parts of Central Asia. There are approximately 100 species of tulip bulbs that come in many, many different colors.

Hyacinth - A bulbous herb formerly in the lily family, hyacinth has a very fragrant, single, dense spike of flowers in shades of violet, pink, red, blue, orange and white.

Lily - There are about 110 species of lilies including Tiger Lily, Shasta Lily, Meadow Lily, Stargazer Lily, Asiatic Lilies and Oriental Hybrids. Most of the numerous lilies grown in the perennial garden are hybrids and are known for their graceful, large showy blooms.

Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. The Iris is actually a perennial herb, growing from creeping rhizomes or from bulbs (bulbous irises) in warmer climates. The Greek word for “rainbow,” Iris’ produce showy flowers in a wide variety of colors, therefore it is a verypopular ornamental plant in the perennial garden. The most common garden iris is the Bearded German Iris, which is easy to cultivate and propagate. Other popular types found in the perennial garden include Japanese Iris and Siberian Iris.


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